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SPL @ Sense Studio, a community for love, unity and yoga.

始於團隊對愛(Love)、合一(Unity) 和瑜珈 (Yoga) 的探索,Sense Studio 於2015成立了SPL (Spiritual Love Forever) ,作為Sense的「概念平台」。


我們希望SPL能成為你的「美好生活指南」(a guide for better living) ;藉此,我們悉心發掘生活中具啟發性的思維和正面訊息,希望能為你帶來更多生活新角度。一個美好的人生始於內心,透過尋找自我的過程,漸漸你將會開拓更多可能性 (explore you inner self and you shall experience)!

SPL is a community for Love, Unity & Yoga, being a conceptual arm of Sense Studio. SPL carries no specific religions and set no boundaries on our sharings. We believe Love & Unity are the ultimate touch in life regardless of who you are or where you from.

“A guide for better LIVING” is what we hope to bring you. We carefully select great thoughts and ideas, giving inspirations to your everyday life. // We believe a happy and balancing life starts from the inside out, explore your inner self and you shall experience.

4 thoughts on “About Us

    • Cloudy Free says:

      It is truly interesting to read through different English articles and make them understandable in Chinese words. (culture differences do exist) 🙂
      We love doing the translating jobs & articles searchings, just to make the world more lovely and bring sweetness to life. Thanks for supporting and hope you feel free to share us more. 🙂

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