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1. Stop letting people force THEIR truth on you. – Everyone’s truth is their own and we need to respect that. When someone is pushing their belief on you, remember that is their truth, not yours and you do not need to accept it.

2. Stop letting people’s negativity bring you down. – Sometimes we all feel low and can’t help but put forth that vibration onto other people. Remember if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, check if it’s coming from an external source. People’s thoughts and feelings are separate from you and don’t dictate who you are.

3. Stop letting people drag you into arguments. – An unneeded argument is the worst, don’t feel like you need to reply in those moments. Sometimes the best thing to do is say nothing and walk away. You’ve lost nothing and there’s no regrets in holding your space.

4. Stop letting people distract you from your dreams. – When people say you can’t do something, that’s their limited perception of what is and isn’t possible. Show with your actions how you can do anything you believe you can and their words will stop.

5. Stop letting your friends talk behind your back. – This one is simple. A true friend doesn’t need to say anything negative to your back because they care enough to say it to your face. If your friends do this, they might not be as truthful as they think they are.

6. Stop letting people tell you that you need to be someone else. – When people want you to be someone else, that is their opinion of what they think is right. Someone’s opinion of how you look, how you act and who you are is just that – an opinion.

7. Stop letting people lie to you.- Can you sense when someone is lying? There is a reason they want to keep something hidden, and usually it doesn’t even have to do with you. Call them out if you catch them, tell them you won’t allow their lies in your existence.

8. Stop letting people take advantage of you. – This one is a no brainer. People do this all the time and so much of it is unconscious. People use others to get ahead, they emotionally and mentally take advantage of the state of your mind to get what they want. Realize when this happens and once again, call them out!

9. Stop letting people continue to misunderstand. – If you know something that someone needs to understand in order to shift – take the time to explain to them what they need to know. If you have an answer, a truth or knowledge for them that would change the way they interact with the world, do it!

1. 不要再讓人別把他們的「真相」套用到你身上 每個人都擁有自己的經歷,亦因而會有自己的一套信仰。我們要尊重他們,但並不代表他們可以勉強我們跟隨他們的想法。記著,這是屬於他們的「真相」,不是你的,沒有一個人可以勉強你去接受。

2. 不要再受別人的負能量影響 生活裡我們不免會感到苦惱,而人類這些負能量會在不經不覺間互相影響。所以,當你突然感到焦慮或壓力時,留意一下這些感覺是否來自其他人,也許其他人的思想或感覺正在影響著你。 3. 不要再讓別人把你捲入爭論中 捲入不必要的爭論中是最無謂的,最有效的應對就是保持安靜並離開。這樣做,你既不會失去什麼,亦不會因此失去私人空間。 4. 不要再讓別人分散你追求夢想的注意力 別人否定你成就夢想的能力,只是基於他們有限的認知。把他們的說法放開,用行動去向他證明你能成就你所相信的。

5. 不要再讓你的「朋友」在背後談論你 一個真正的朋友根本不需要在背後談論你,因為他們在乎你,多少好壞事都不怕在你面前說清楚。如果你的所謂「朋友」經常在背後談論你,那你真的需要反思一下你這段友誼的價值。

6. 不要再讓別人告訴你應該成為「誰」 當別人認為你應該成為誰,那只不過是他們「認為對」的想法。別人可以對你有很多意見,包括你的工作、你的行為、或你是「誰」,不過最重要的是,這些都不過是基於他們見識上的「意見」而已。

7. 不要再讓別人對你說謊 當別人說謊時,你能感覺到嗎?每個人說謊的背後總有其原因,而有時那背後的原因根本與你無相干。當你下次知道別人在對你說謊時,告訴他們你並不喜歡別人對你說謊吧!

8. 不要再讓別人佔你便宜 有些人總會在無意間佔他人便宜,不論是精神上還是物質上,這些人總是想透過控制你去獲得他們的利益。多注意,當你發現的時侯,直接向他們說「不!」吧。 9. 不要讓別人繼續誤解某些事-幫助別人吧 如果你發現別人一直誤解某些事情,不要介意花點時間地向他們解釋,這個小動作可能完全改變了他對世界的看法!

Source :  http://thespiritscience.net/2015/04/16/10-things-to-stop-letting-people-do-to-you/ 

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