無條件地去接受「現在」 Unconditional Acceptance of What Is

Acceptance is not avoidance of change, it’s not avoidance of anything. It’s acknowledgement and taking responsibility for the way your life is. This is the first step to really creating positive change. If you want to release your fear, you must accept that it is there first. You can’t get rid of something you refuse to even own up to. If you don’t accept, you reject, which is trying to fix a negative thought with another negative thought!

When I say negative, all I really mean is fear, rejection, denial. People make this a million times more complicated that it needs to be, they make their fears into big scary things instead of the weak illusion that fear really is. A negative thought is only that which negates, it put a “no” into your mind. The mind is likely going to analyze this because it wants to deny it, yet the mind’s rejection is what led humanity to disconnect from Source in the first place.

There’s some who believe that to make positive change we have to reject they way things currently are. This is problem-based thinking, it focuses upon the negative. The negative things within you, don’t reject them, don’t fight against them, that only creates more negative thought. Accept that they are there, and bring the Light of Consciousness to that darkness. When you bring intense Awareness to an illusionary thought, you’ll find it disappears. It’s revealed for what it really is, and this is what I mean by acceptance, seeing things as they really are.

For some what I’ve said is going to be hard to accept, because they’ve been taught their whole lives to do otherwise. People believe they must resist fear, they must struggle against it. We’re supposed to fight evil, right? And your religions and governments are quick to tell you who that evil is. They use fear to enslave and control, but you don’t have to feed into that system. You don’t get rid of fear by fighting it, by rejecting it. No wonder people are so full of fear. It’s when you bring Love into your being, that the fear vanishes.

If it was looked at simply, people could see the absurdity, the humor of all this, but they’re usually so caught up in the middle of it they have trouble seeing the bigger picture. You don’t make positive change through a negative thought, that’s ridiculous. People try that every day, and what do they get? Frustrated mostly. People create superficial change, yet society’s true ill, their denial of Themselves, is largely ignored.

The sun shines on everyone equally, and that’s God’s Love, unconditional acceptance of everything. You’ve been told you’re not capable of this, that this is some impossible ideal to live up to. It’s one of the many lies told that keeps you separate from God. I tell you that every single human being is capable of Unconditional Love. Don’t make it into an impossible task, if you want to climb a mountain do it one step at a time. Focus upon bringing more Love into your life every day, sharing more happiness with others. Focus upon, and accept, where you’re at now, work on improving that.


這裡的「負面思維」是指恐懼、拒絕和否認。人們總是無限放大恐懼,把恐懼看成可怕的事實,卻忘了大部份恐懼只不過是思想的產物。「負面思維」習慣於否定事實,以「不(no)」作為主導思想, 否認和拒絕接受真相。







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