4 Habits That Will Prevent You From Living The Life Of Your Dreams 4個危險習慣!你的夢想將會因此越走越遠!

I think just about everyone has some picture of an ideal life in their minds. Many of us won’t make it to that perfect, ideal, dream life. It’s the way life goes sometimes. But you can increase your chances of getting to your dream life if you kick these four habits to the curb.

1. Letting fear of failure control you.

Change is scary. When you opt to take steps to change your life, you take a step outside your comfort zone and you may not be sure what happens next. But don’t fear! The worst that could happens is that it doesn’t work out. And then you try something new! Practice resiliency and never let your fears control you.

2. Getting comfortable with your lot in life.

Found a lifestyle that works but isn’t ideal? Leave it behind! Keep striving toward your ideal life.

3. Being a Negative Nancy.

Look, we’re all going to suffer setbacks at some point or another, but be sure that you don’t let failure kill your dreams. Don’t be pessimistic. Don’t assume things won’t work before you’ve had a chance to give it a try.

4. Being worried about judgement.

Love your haters and forget the judgeroos. You’re dancing t o the beat of your own drum and that’s the way it should be. What other people think of you and your choices is largely irrelevant.


1. 請把慣性恐懼症拋掉


3. 請停止負面思考

4. 請放開別人對你的批評

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