為何快樂是與生俱來的,而不是掙取回來的 Why Happiness Is A Birthright, Not Something To Be Earned

Why do we suffer? Do we believe that heaven will bring us happiness if we endure the constant subtle but consistent low level discomfort that most of us endure?

I understand that happiness is a birthright, so why does it elude us for most, if not all of our lives?

Most of us walk in the world with an underlying mood of discomfort. We put our face on to hide it but that only helps temporarily. Everybody does it, and we have different masks for different company.

If you sit in a café today and look around, you will see people wearing social masks to hide their pain. I would suggest that 99.9% of us are undergoing this, all the while we pretend we are ok.

We plaster over the cracks and only when circumstances in our experience become intolerable do the cracks in the facade show up, resulting in damaged relationships and personal health.

The paper thin veil is no match for the negative energy that rises up inside us. Some are capable of hiding this powerful emotion but eventually it will find a way to vent and often does so in very destructive ways.

Thoughts Create Reality 思想決定實相

We are the sum total of our thoughts and beliefs played out in our experiences. Most of us hold the misunderstanding that we are the product of our experiences, but our experiences are merely the results of our thoughts and beliefs.

Our experiences are the mirror to our mind. What we experience we first create through consistent positive and negative thought and imagination. However it can be very difficult to see this when we are in it, when we know nothing else.

Our current predominant belief is that life happens to us rather than we happen to life. In fact it’s more helpful to say we are part of the completed circle. All there is, is creation and we are all of it.
現代社會的我們,傾向於接受這種妥協與被動的信仰:“人生的局面由外在決定,而非由我決定。” 正正是因為這種集體的信仰,我們才會被負面能量控制。轉個角度看,其實我們才是生命的創造者,我們創造我們所想要的一切。

We suffer from a hallucination, from a false and distorted sensation of our own existence as living organisms. Most of us have the sensation that “I myself” is a separate center of feeling and action, living inside and bounded by the physical body, a center which “confronts” an “external” world of people and things, making contact through the senses with a universe both alien and strange. – Alan Watts

The Broader Awareness 更高的覺醒

We come into the world a blank sheet and from that day on our lives are shaped through those around us, our parents, peers, friends, media, etc etc. Our structure for physical experience, our framework for existence is built, primarily via these people.

There is a base level of awareness that comes over from previous incarnations, that’s true, however the effect of these prior experiences on current events varies dramatically depending on the broadness of our subconscious awareness.

The broader awareness is available to us via emotional feedback if we can only reconnect to it. Our broader awareness is guiding us every moment of our lives but for most of us it is drowned out by the noise of life.
如果我們能與這種更高覺醒(The Broader Awareness) 重新連結,她便會通過不同的情感向我們提供提示。我們的更高覺醒(The Broader Awareness) 每一刻都在指導我們,但我們大多數人都被生活的澡音淹沒了這些寶貴的訊息。

Working For Happiness 為快樂工作

The world has taken a nightmare pill, and the result is that it believes we have to work hard and endure discomfort and unhappiness in order to be happy. Religion and the need for control over populations has instilled this mislead belief in us.

The truth, if we can see it, is that there is no working towards happiness, it exists already, happiness is a birthright. We have been convinced by those who have come before us, who are mostly well meaning and grossly ignorant at worst, that the default mode is unhappiness and unworthiness.

They say we must “work” here so that we may become deserving of wealth, happiness, love, good health. It is a lie and the lie has been told for so long it has become a truth.

Our only “work” is to remember. Remember that we are infinite and immense beings that are born into the world in a state of perfection. Christian Religions say that we are born with sin on our soul. This is the greatest lie ever to be told.

The Route To Happiness 通往快樂的道路

The good news is there is nowhere to go to find it, it exists right where you are. All that is required is for you to find a place in your mind where you can access it. Happiness, like all of life, including unhappiness, is a psychological state of being.

We are psychological beings, we are mind, in possession of a physical body and apparent physical experiences. There is no where to go and there is nothing to do, only to realise who we are.

In that realisation is the understanding that we are Gods. We are the immensity of the entire metaphysical and physical universe in observation of itself. There is no source of darkness, only absence of light.

You are the light of the world, and your mission is to have conscious experience of this in physical reality. Happiness is a birthright we have merely forgotten, now it’s time to remember.

Orginal Aritcle Source : http://wokenmind.com/why-happiness-is-a-birthright-not-something-to-be-earned/24/11/2014/
About Alan Watts : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Watts

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